Clear NEET MDS in 1st attempt

Clear NEET MDS in 1st attempt

NEET MDS is a highly competitive exam which requires planned and focused preparation along with the determination to crack the exam. We have prepared this blog which will help you strategise & crack NEET MDS in First Attempt.

1. Plan your Preparation Well in Time

Last minute preparation is done by those who are either very Smart or Dumb. If you're serious about scoring a good rank then you must realize, there is no such thing as last minute preparation for NEET PG Dental and you're competing with thousands of aspirants. Hence commence your preparation well in time. Dedicate ample amount of time each day to your preparation. Remember that a good beginning almost assures success.

2. Collect Good Quality Reference Material

Keeping Standard Textbooks handy only for referral is a must, you must refer to the textbooks used during the BDS for familiarity is always advised. Refer standard books. Collect some good quality MCQ books. You can also refer to online study material and video lectures.

3. Referring Previous Year Papers and Devising a Study plan is a must

Referring previous year papers gives you a fair idea of the types of questions that are expected in the exam and the difficulty level of the questions. Next, you must devise a weekly or a monthly study plan. Follow the schedule strictly and try to complete the topics & Tests as per the schedule.

4. Smart Work Instead of Hard Work is preferred

Looking at the current level of competition, it demands ‘SMART WORK’ instead of ‘HARD WORK’. For ‘SMART WORK’, you must knw the ‘most-important’, ‘important’ and the ‘less-important’ topics. The weightage of the different topics can be tracked by referring to previous year papers. Colour coding these topics accordingly helps a lot, try to finish the topics with the highest weightage first, and revise alongside every ‘less important’ topic study session.

5. Consistency in Preparation & Followup

It is very essential to maintain consistency in preparation. You must stay away from distractions such as social media, cell phones and other activities which will waste your precious time. Remain goal-oriented throughout the preparation and follow your schedule with perseverance and determination. Nothing can stop you from achieving it!

6. Practice MCQ’s 

Success in NEET MDS can only be guaranteed through consistent practice. Devote ample amount of time to practicing MCQs and solve as many questions as possible. Try to solve MCQs side by side while preparing a topic.

7. Attempt Online Tests

Taking online tests will help you to judge your preparation level at each stage during the preparation. Check your performance after each mock test and work on your weaknesses.

8. Adequate Revision

Revision is the most important part of the preparation for NEET MDS. Commence your revision at least 2 months prior to the exam. All that you have studied is volatile, to retain it revise thoroughly.

We are sure that the tips listed above will surely help the aspirants to get through NEET MDS in First Attempt. All the very best!

Updated Aug 09, 2021.