Dental Anatomy : Strategy For NEET MDS/INI-CET

Dental Anatomy is essentially one of the most basic subjects of Dentistry. This subject is highly significant as it has a lot of application in Clinical subjects and makes a great difference when you start your clinical practice. It is important to have a clear path of preparation in order to master this subject to retain the characteristics of each tooth and various exceptions which are commonly asked in various entrance as well as university exams.

In order to guide you in your preparation of Dental Anatomy, MERITERS Expert have compiled this article which will provide insights from the perspective of NEET MDS Exam.

Expected number of questions in NEET-MDS from Dental Anatomy is 6-7.

Recommended Standard books for Dental Anatomy:

Wheeler's Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Occlusion
Author : Stanley J. Nelson DDS MS

From competitive exam point of view, when it comes to fact-based subjects like Dental Anatomy, the examiner tries to test your knowledge based on exceptions and numerical values. To deal with a fact-based subject, the comparative method of study has been proven to be beneficial to be able to answer the questions asked from different aspects in the competitive exams. In order to save time and to make it easy for students, we have compiled Bytes referring standard textbooks in such a way that it makes it easy for students to approach fact-based questions.

As the competitive exam pattern has shifted from cramming to conceptual based questions, we have divided the subject Dental Anatomy syllabus into tasks based on most important and frequently asked topics in the competitive exams.

Tasks for Dental Anatomy:

  • Anatomy of Deciduous dentition 
  • Chronology of Deciduous Dentition 
  • Anatomy of Permanent Dentition 
  • Chronology of Permanent Dentition 
  • Primary vs Permanent Dentition 
  • Calcification and eruption of teeth 
  • Occlusion 
  • Elevations, Depressions, Embrasures and contact points 
  • Classification of dentition and Tooth numbering system 
  • Dimension, angulation and shape of teeth 
  • Dento-osseous structures and TMJ 
  • Image Based Questions 
  • Dental Anatomy Full Syllabus Test

Best approach to prepare for the subject Dental Anatomy using MERITERS app is by:

  1. Prioritizing the topics mentioned in the Tasks
  2. Going through the Videos and Synopsis under BYTES section on the MERITERS MDS Prep App in the Dental Anatomy section under the Category Subject.  
  3. Retaining the high yield points mentioned in the GEMS under the BYTES section in the MERITERS MDS Prep App. 
  4. Solving MCQs based on those topics under QBank and Test Series.

Key to solving Dental Anatomy MCQs is to correlate the topic to clinical based scenario. This approach helps in retaining fact-based questions for a longer time period.

Applying the approach mentioned in this article will help you solve majority of the questions meticulously from Dental Anatomy in NEET MDS.

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Updated Aug 18, 2022.