Tips to Tackle Negative Marking

Tips to Tackle Negative Marking

For many NEET MDS aspirants, Negative Marking is a nightmare. To know how to tackle negative marking, you need to know what exactly is negative marking.

What is Negative Marking?

When you answer correctly for a question, you will obtain marks and if you answer an incorrect option, your marks will be deducted. This procedure of deducting marks for each incorrect answer is called negative marking. This system was incorporated to NEET MDS entrance examinations to minimize guesswork!

The concept of Negative Marking:

The 1/4 concept:

Negative marking in NEET MDS works on this concept. That is, in a question, you will have four options. Out of which the probability of getting an answer right is 1/4 since you have only one right answer while the probability of getting a wrong answer is 3/4. So there is a 25% chance that you can get an answer right. This should never discourage you from attempting a question.

The best ways to tackle negative marking in NEET MDS 2024:

Identifying the questions that has to be attempted: There are basically three types of questions that you would face: a. You have to attend the questions for which you know the answer, since you are sure about the answers b. You have to attend those questions where you are able to rule out two wrong answers because the probability of marking a right answer is more in this case. c. You have to avoid attending questions in which all the options are new to you as you have only a 25% chance to get the right answer.

How many questions should be attempted to get a top and decent rank?

To be in the top rank list, a candidate should attempt more than 200 questions. To get a decent rank 150-160 questions should be attempted.

Practice eliminating the wrong options:

It is a proven strategy that in a 1/4 negative marking system, it is always better to eliminate the wrong choices first and then arrive at the right answer. This will definitely help you to tackle negative marking in NEET MDS.

Attention to detail is a must-have:

Read the MCQs very carefully. Pay special attention to words like: “except”, “but”, “not”. These are the KeyWords that might change the answers.

The Isolation Effect:

This effect predicts that when multiple similar objects are present, the one that differs from the rest is most likely to be remembered! So never hesitate to correct an answer which has already been marked. If you think you should change an answer which you have already attempted, then think once again and go for it.

Rely on strong possibilities:

For example, if you are sure that two options in a question are right then most probably the answer would be all of the above. So always apply basic logic while attending MCQs.

Attend Mock Tests:

Attend as many mock tests as possible before you appear for the exam because this will definitely give you a better idea about marking scheme. 

Keep yourself Updated: 

Always keep your self-updated! Make sure that you read the pattern and marking scheme at least once from the official website before you appear for the exam. Wishing you All the best for your preparations. 

Best Wishes!

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Updated Oct 05, 2023.