INI-CET MDS Nov 2020 - Recalls, Analysis, Question Paper and Explanations

NOTE : Updated with Part 2 (Q.No 51-100)

Part 1- Download PDF
Part 2- Download PDF
Part 3- Coming soon
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MERITERS Experts have come up with a detailed breakup & analysis of the questions asked in Nov 2020 INI-CET MDS exam.

Out of 200 Questions in the Nov 2020 INI-CET MDS more than 180 Questions were from the MERITERS Question Bank, BYTES & Marathon. (90% Strike Rate)

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Find PDF files of detailed INI-CET Nov 2020 Solutions below:

Part-1: Download INI-CET MDS Nov 2020 Recalls (Q.No. 1-50)  
Download PDF
Part-2: Download INI-CET MDS Nov 2020 Recalls (Q.No. 51-100)  
Download PDF

Updated May 25, 2021.