NEET MDS 100 days Preparation plan

NEET MDS 100 days Preparation plan

On the day of the exam, you’ll be presented with 240 questions… may be easy, maybe difficult, but it’ll be the same for all.

All of your focus for the next 3 months is to practice to perform well during those 3 hours and get maximum strikes. Build that mindset to answer any question from any subject, incrementally. Focus more on practicing more questions by taking tests and going through their explanations.

Through the next 3 months, assuming exam is on Jan 8th, Team MERITERS will systematically expose you to questions to achieve maximum output, with this plan. Even if the exam gets postponed, we’ll stick to this plan and do another round of revisions/mocks.

3 months is short, but just enough if you put in intensive/focussed efforts. We recommend that you follow the schedule. If you miss any dates, just move on to the next thing in the plan and don’t get hung up on one thing. 8-10 hours/day of minimum focussed effort is required.

Tasks/Pro-Live Tests - NEET MDS 2023

  • Active subjects schedule is updated to complete tasks of all subjects by Dec 01.
  • Mini and Cumulative Mocks schedule is updated 
  • Special attention to Grand Tests. Whether you are feeling prepared or not, you’ll have to take the one grand test on weekends. This is very important as we will try to incrementally build your ability to score maximum as you get close to the exam.

Revision/MARATHON - NEET MDS 2023

We have combined the revision along with MARATHON this time, given that we’d have shorter time.

Revision Pack - NEET MDS Jan 2023

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MARATHON Starts Oct 1

We will be including 3500 questions instead of 3000. MARATHON gives a lot of easy strikes in exams consistently, so definitely needs to be covered thoroughly.

Priority 1:

Complete or revise tasks for the scheduled subjects. 

Priority 2:

Complete the MARATHON questions for the scheduled subjects 

Priority 3:

If you are done with first two and still have time, then do QBank and Subjects Tests.

Those who are lagging in preparation should focus more on completing tasks than going for revision. You can keep December for revisions or when you are done with tasks. 

Those who are in advanced state with most of the subjects covered already should give more importance to revisions and grand tests along with mocks.

Your benchmark is your performance in weekly grand tests starting October 15. You may do badly in grand tests in the beginning but don’t be disappointed by that. Instead take it as a feedback for what you are lagging or doing wrong and make adjustments, every week. Your grand test scores should gradually improve as you get closer to the exam.

We will share more detailed weekly plans going forward

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!  Erg common to feel overwhelmed at this stage. Take one day, one week at a time and keep moving forward. 

I hope this gives clear directions and assurance.

Updated Oct 03, 2022.