NEET MDS 2021- Recalls, Analysis, Question Paper and Explanations

MERITERS MDSPrep is glad to announce that we had a strike rate of 200+ out of 240 in the NEET MDS 2021.

MERITERS Experts have come up with a detailed breakup & analysis of the questions asked in Dec 2021 NEET MDS exam. In this video our experts want you to understand how a question needs to be attempted, for example some of the questions are very direct questions, there are other questions where you will have to rule out the other options and then you come to the right answer. There are clinical questions where you need to be sure why that particular option is the right answer and also know why the other options can be wrong. You have to be thorough with the topic, important points or concepts related to the topic.

The part-1 video consists of 50 questions with a strike rate of 100%.

Out of 240 Questions in the NEET MDS 2021 more than 200 Questions were from the MERITERS Question Bank, BYTES & Marathon. (90% Strike Rate)

This is exactly the reason our experts have come up with this video where they are discussing in detail all the approaches, concepts and more about the questions asked in NEET MDS 2021.

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Updated Dec 29, 2020.