NEET MDS - How to prepare for Endodontics?

Based on a lot of queries and requests from students, MERITERS has come up with a "How to Prepare?" series of blogs and articles which will guide you through the right approach towards NEET MDS preparation. 

Endodontics is one of the most important dental subject clinically as well as theoretically. Therefore, it must be prepared strategically for mastering MDS entrance exams.

While preparing for NEET MDS, every student has a certain set of questions in their mind. The typical questions are:

  • What is the Subject wise weightage?
  • Which Books to refer?
  • How much time should  be allocated to each subject?
  • What are the important topics?
  • What are the types of questions that are asked?
This article will answer the above questions and help you prepare with the right approach and strategies.


What is the Subject wise Weightage?

Based on previous years  question paper analysis of NEET MDS, there are about 6 to 8 questions out of 240 asked in the exam which is hardly 3% but its a low hanging fruit since you have been studying Endodontics in the final year and also practicing during the internship. This subject will be on the top of your mind, therefore easy to score in the NEET MDS.


Standard books to refer?

Grossmans Endodontic Practice is the most basic & widely used book for Endodontics. You can expect about 80% of questions asked from this book alone, while there are certain other topics beyon dthe scope of this book like Anatomy of pulp cavity, image based or diagnostic questions which can be covered by referring to Cohens  - Pathways of the pulp. For studying indepth Microbiology for Endodontics you could refer Ingle's Endodontics.

Note: Brush up your basics by referring the followng Standard books only since the exam making body NBE, derives questions from standard books of this subject: 

Grossman's Endodontic Practice

Author : V. Gopi Krishna, B. Suresh Chandra

INR 568

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Ingle's Endodontics

Author : Ilan Rotstein (Author), John I. Ingle (Editor)

INR 10,999

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Cohen's Pathways of the Pulp Expert Consult Edition

Author : Kenneth M. Hargreaves DDS PhD FICD FACD

INR 2,599

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So it becomes very important to follow these books; again seeing the time constraints and the amount of syllabus to cover. Aspirants can dedicate hardly 1 week to cover this subject. So the need to know the important topics increases. No need to say that smart work along with hard work will fetch you a good rank.

Experts at MERITERS MDSPrep have come up with a list of important topics to read for the examination after analyzing the recent trends of NEET MDS. The most important topics to study are:

Endodontics - Important Topics (Watch above video for elaborate details)


Anatomy of the pulp cavity

Dental Pulp
  • Structure and morphology of pulp 
  • Innvervation 
  • Blood supply
Tooth Morphology
  • Apical anatomy
  • Dummer's classification 
  • Kim et al classification
  • Pattern of root canal
  • Classification of root canal
  • Individual variations 
Access cavity preparation    
  • Objectives and Principles
  • Shape of Access Cavity Preparation

Diseases of pulp and periapical tissues

Pathologies of Pulp
  • Classification of pulp pathologies.
  • Pulpal Pain and Innervation
Periapical pathologies.
  • Periapical pathologies an overview


Instruments and Devices
  • Instrument classifications (Grossman and ISO)
  • ADA specification of important endodontic materials
  • Group 1 hand instruments
  • Group 2 Slow speed engine driven instruments
  • Group 3 Powered instruments
  • Group 4 Semi adjustable files
  • Group 5 Sonic and Ultrasonic instruments
  • Group 6 Reciprocating instruments
  • Root canal irrigants
  • Medicaments 
  • Root Canal Sealers
  • Core materials
Working length and Cleaning and Shaping
  • Working length
  • Cleaning and shaping

Disinfect and obturation

  • Warm Compaction 
  • Cold compaction 
  • Thermo Mechanical compaction 
  • Chemically plasticised GP
  • Carrier based GP
  • Thermoplasticized GP


  • Classification of dental stains 
  • Classification of bleaching 
  • Agents for bleaching 
  • Power bleaching (In office )
  • Night guard Vital bleaching 
  • Walking bleach 
  • Thermocatalytic bleaching and microabrasion

Endodontic surgery

Surgical Endodontics
  • Gutman's classification 
  • Flap design 
  • Root end preparation 
  • Root end filling 
  • Root end conditioning 
  • Landmarks in healing after surgery


  • Endodontic Traumatology
  • Crown Fracture
  • Root Fracture 
  • Luxation injuries
  • Avulsion
  • Avulsion with dentoalveolar fracture


Endodontic Diagnosis
  • Pulp Testing classification
  • Pulp sensibility test
  • Pulp vitality tests
  • Radiographic diagnosis
Restoration of Endodontically treated teeth
  • Restoration of endodontically treated teeth


Types of questions asked?

The different types of questions that may be asked from Endodontics based on previous exam analysis are:

1. Case Based


2. Image Based


3. Fact Based (Memory)


4. Concept based


5. Numerical/Value Based


We hope this blog will assist you in preparing this subject meticulously for MDS entrance exams. 
Prepare judiciously..
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Updated Sep 09, 2020.