NEET MDS: Self study vs. Professional Coaching

NEET MDS: Self study vs. Professional Coaching

How is it possible to Crack NEET MDS by self study?

I. Regular Studies 

As you go without coaching classes, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is your self discipline towards your preparation strategy. NEET aspirants must understand that it is only their hard work and determination that will help them crack the exam. A sense of self-discipline in following preparation strategy is the key.

II. Quality Study Material

Since you will not have a mentor guiding you every time, selecting best study material for your preparation journey is important for you. Tips from toppers can help a lot in this direction. Get to know from them, which books they considered the best during their preparation time. Referring those books will definitely help you a lot. Analyzing the past years' question papers and solving a lot of MCQs. (Practice Now)

III. Regular Mock Test

When you prepare without any coaching classes, taking regular mock tests is essential. This can be done by joining any test series ( recommended). You should give as many tests as possible in last three months to the exam. This will help you in quantifying your performance and help you understand where you actually stand. The best part is that you donít need any coaching class to measure your potential.

IV. Stress Free Studies

Preparing through self-studies does help you keep stress away from artificial hyper-competitive environment that a coaching institute brings to you. This keeps you calm and your mental peace during preparation prepares you for the best shot during exam. 

Advantages of Professional Coaching

I. Provides Guidance in Preparation

Professional coaching program helps to align your preparation in the right direction by providing Guidance in preparation. A mentor assists you to direct your preparation in the correct direction to achieve good results.

II. Helps to Strengthen Fundamentals

Enrolling in Professional Coaching helps to clear your basic Fundamentals/Concepts which might not be possible with Self-Study.

III. Helps to Clarifying Doubts/Confusing Concepts

Professional Coaching helps in clarifying the doubts and confusions which arise while preparation.

IV. Facilitates Discipline & Consistent Preparation

The most significant benefit of enrolling in Professional Coaching is that it facilitates disciplined preparation. A major difficulty faced in relying purely on Self-Studies is consistency in preparation is not maintained. One tends to procrastinate and frequently loses interest in studies. On the other hand, professional coaching encourages the individual to perform consistently and exposes the individual to an environment which induces consistent preparation. Also, the candidate gets accustomed to a study routine and keeps away procrastination.

Updated Jun 01, 2020.