NEET MDS May 2022
Direct Picks from recent NEET PG Medical Papers

NEET MDS May 2022<br>
<b>Direct Picks from recent NEET PG Medical Papers</b>

Going by the trend in recent exams, quite a number of questions asked in NEET MDS and INICET MDS were direct picks from the MEDICAL PG entrance exams.

Team MERITERS has put together two sets of potential questions hand-picked from NEET PG Medical papers that could appear in the upcoming NEET MDS exam.

Please go through these PDFs quickly and just memorize the answer keys. There is no need or time to dig into the explanations for them. 

Download NEET PG Medical 2018-2019  

Download PDF

Download NEET PG Medical 2020-2021  

Download PDF

A few strikes from these could make a huge difference in your rank. 

Hope this helps. 

Stay tuned and keep following MERITERS MDSPrep!

Updated Apr 25, 2022.