Periodontology : Strategy For NEET MDS/INI-CET

Periodontology is essentially one of the lengthy subjects of Dentistry. Periodontology is the specialty of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that affect them Questions framed in NEET MDS and INI CET from Periodontology are both fact based as well as conceptual based. In order to guide you in your preparation of Periodontology, MERITERS Expert have compiled this article which will provide insights from the perspective of NEET MDS Exam. In order to master this subject, it is advisable to concentrate on high yielding topics which have a higher weightage. This not only saves time but paves way for effective learning.

Expected number of questions in NEET-MDS from Periodontology is 12-15 Questions out of 240, which is approximately 6% out of which almost 10/14 is from non-surgical part. 

Most of the questions are framed from very basic topics like Gingivitis stages, Periodontal Ligaments, Periodontal pockets, correlation of periodontium with systemic diseases, periodontal microbiology. It is very important to know all the classifications in periodontology, as direct questions are framed from these classifications. It is very important to be very familiar with the images present in Carranza as a lot of Image Based questions are framed from these.

Reading and solving at least last 5-year papers helps in acing this subject!

Number of questions that appeared in the last few years in NEET MDS from Periodontology are:

2016: 14 Questions 
2017: 12 Questions 
2018: 13 Questions 
2019: 12 Questions 
2020: 15 Questions 
2021: 14 Questions
2022: 14 Questions

Recommended Standard book:

Newman and Carranza's Clinical Periodontology 
Author : Chini Doraiswami Dwarakanath, N Ambalavanan, Dilip G Nayak, Ashita Uppoor, Ashish Jain 

In order to save time and for the ease of students, we have compiled Bytes referring standard textbooks like Carranza and few other standard textbooks, which includes all important points and images pertaining to probable questions that can be asked in the competitive exams.

  • Gingiva and Oral epithelium 
  • Periodontal Ligament and alveolar bone 
  • Cementum 
  • Periodontal microbiology 
  • Defense mechanism of Gingiva and Host Response 
  • Calculus 
  • Gingivitis 
  • Gingival Enlargement 
  • ANIJG 
  • Periodontal Pockets 
  • TFO and Pattern of bone loss 
  • Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis 
  • Periodontal Instrumentation 
  • Surgical Periodontology (Gingivectomy, Curettage, Flap and mucogingival surgery) 
  • Treatment Of Furcation Involvement & Osseous Surgery
  • Implants 
  • Perio - Image Based Test 
  • Periodontics Full Syllabus Test

Periodontology Tasks

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Best approach to prepare for the subject Periodontology using MERITERS app is by:
  1. Prioritizing the topics mentioned in the Tasks
  2. Going through the Videos and Synopsis under BYTES section on the MERITERS MDS Prep App in the Periodontology section under the Category Subject.  
  3. Retaining the high yield points mentioned in the GEMS under the BYTES section in the MERITERS MDS Prep App. 
  4. Solving MCQs based on those topics under QBank and Test Series.

Applying the approach mentioned in this article will help you solve majority of the questions meticulously from Periodontology in NEET MDS and INI CET!

Stay dedicated. Stay focused and Gear Up for the first Mini Mock Test which will be conducted after Periodontology!

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Updated Jun 07, 2022.