Tricks for interns to crack NEET MDS

Tricks for interns to crack NEET MDS

It is easy to lose focus in the frenzy of finishing your final BDS exams. Here is Tricks for interns to crack NEET MDS.

However, your goal has not been reached yet. It will take a lot of dedication and discipline to clear the NEET PG MDS and you still have a long way to go.

First, as far as possible you must avoid procrastination and create a study schedule that works for you. Take into account that you will probably not have time during the internship for reading afresh.

Revise the notes you have made diligently while doing your BDS. You can also try to solve question banks or watch videos on-the-go to clarify topics. All topics can be divided into 3 broad categories: 

1st Category

The topics that you find easy and can be retained by you in one reading.

2nd Category

The topics that you find moderately difficult but can be retained by you after multiple readings. You need to revise these repeatedly.

3rd Category

The topics that you find difficult. If these topics are crucial from exam point of view then you’ll have to brush up on them before exams. Use video lectures and get your doubts clarified to retain better. There are videos available on Youtube from a number of reputed brands (and faculty) to assist in clarifying your concepts. In fact, searching by topic also helps. Preparing for NEET PG MDS after the internship is a completely different story. Following steps are suggested;

• Revision of all subjects from notes and review books.
• Chapter wise mcqs. Practice Now
• High yield topics should be revised many times.
• Solve new pattern questions.
• Join online test series of repute ( recommended )
• If possible, crash course can also be joined.

By this way before appearing in PG exams, you will have an extra edge and high chances of getting a good rank. All the very best.

Updated Jun 01, 2020.