Most effective notes is the one you make yourself. All successful students do it, so should you.

Workbooks make it easy!

Workbooks are designed to give you a easy and time-efficient way to make effective and complete notes for each subject. It is strongly advised that you make your own notes using a fresh workbook for it to be effective.
They are supposed to be used in conjunction with notes and videos given in the App.
Please note that there will be additional content on the app in the form of notes, bytes, explanations and key concepts, that needs to be covered and noted down on workbook as needed.
We will continuously update the content on the app as well, so you get the latest and greatest.
We've tried to make the edition 1 as well as we could in the limited time we had. All constructive feedback is welcome.
Hope you find it engaging and useful!

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Who is eligible to purchase Workbooks?

The MERITERS Workbooks Edition 1 can be purchased by everyone.

When will I receive my Workbooks box?

The box will be dispatched within 2-3 business days from the purchase date. The package is estimated to be delivered anywhere between 3 to 15 working days (depending on your location) from the date of dispatch. Any Government restrictions, calamities (natural and man-made), etc., may lead to a delay in delivery as it is beyond our control.

How can I get my tracking ID?

We will email your tracking details once your Set is shipped. You can also contact us for further details.

Can I change the address after placing the order?

Yes, please call us. You cannot change your address after it has been dispatched.

I have received damaged workbooks. What should I do?

In case of damaged/tampered product, please contact us within 10 days of delivery with a photo attachment. Once our review team confirms this, the replacement of that particular book will be made within 15-18 days from the date of reporting.

I have missing pages in the Workbook . What should I do?

In the case of missing pages, we will replace the particular subject copy within 18 days.

Can I order multiple sets of Workbooks?

You can order a maximum of 2 boxes per set at a time.

Can we get Workbook only for a particular subject within a set?

No. You can buy them in sets only. Please check Hard-copy tab for sets.

Can I cancel my ordered Workbooks?

No. Once your order is placed, it can not be cancelled.

Why are there blank spaces in Workbooks?

There are blank spaces in the workbooks so that you can note down points that are covered only in the app notes/videosĀ given.

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