Dental Histology: NEET MDS Recall MCQs

Based on Recall Questions from NEET MDS & INI-CET MDS, MERITERS Expert has discussed past year MCQs in order to guide students on how to prepare for Dental Histology. 

The video above is focussed on:

  • Important topics from exam point of view 
  • Question pattern and trend 
  • Summary of Must Study topics from Dental Histology
  • Image & Case Based Questions 
  • Tasks as designed in the MERITERS App under the Guided Prep section
From exam point of view: 

The best approach for preparation of Dental Histology is going through: 

  1. Videos 
  2. BYTES 
  3. GEMS 

To ace your preparation, it is important to solve the QBank and take the Daily tests which is designed based on NEET MDS & INI-CET question pattern and trend. 

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Updated Jul 22, 2021.