NExT Exam for Dental Students

The Indian government wants to make sure dentists are well-trained and that dental care is good and affordable. So, they're introducing a test called NExT-Dental. Every dentist who finishes their BDS degree will have to pass this test to work as a dentist and to study further in dental courses.

On July 24, the Union Government presented the National Dental Commission Bill, 2023 in Parliament. After getting approved in the Lok Sabha on July 28, it's now waiting for the green light from the Rajya Sabha.

NExT Exam for BDS graduates

The bill suggests that the government should conduct a NExT exam for BDS graduates.

The Bill says that dental students will have a final exam named 'National Exit Test (Dental)'. Dentists must pass this test to get a license and to do PG Courses. The National Dental Commission will handle this exam, and it will start within three years of the new rule being made.

If someone studied dentistry abroad, they'll need to pass the NExT (Dental) exam. The Union Government's chosen group will manage the counseling for national seats, while the State Government's group will handle counseling for state-level seats.

The NExT Exam for BDS will be held in two steps 


  • Pass the Exam to do an Internship
  • Will also be considered for Ranking to do PG Courses


  • Get a License

Until the NExT (Dental) Exam starts, students will use the NEET MDS exam to get into the MDS courses in all institutions.

The government should provide full information and enough time for students before implementing it.

Please read and sign the petition to give more information about NExT Dental Exam.

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Is there NExT exam for dental students?

  • Dental students, need to take the 'National Exit Test (Dental)' to get a license to work as dentists and to do MDS. But still, the NExT Dental exam is not implemented.

Which NExT exam is applicable for BDS students?

  • All BDS graduates will have to take the National Exit Test (NExT) to get a license to work as dentists and to join dental postgraduate courses.

Is NExT (Dental) exam confirmed for 2024?

  • NExT exam will not be held in 2024

Who is eligible for NExT (Dental) exam?

  • All undergraduate dental students with a valid BDS degree are eligible

How to prepare for NExT Dental Exam?

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1) Practice more MCQs

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2) Join an Online Course

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Updated Aug 23, 2023.