Oral Pathology & Medicine: Strategy for NEET MDS/INI-CET

Oral Pathology and Medicine are the fundamental and basic subjects of dentistry. It is very important to have a good hold on these subjects to have a good clinical practice.

A proper diagnosis is vital to a good treatment plan. Also, a lot of systemic disease have oral manifestations which appear as early signs. So it is very important to have an in depth knowledge of these subjects. 

Past year trend for no. of questions asked from Oral Pathology and Medicine  in NEET MDS are: 
From NEET MDS and INI-CET point of view, approximately 20-28 direct questions appear when we combine these two subjects, which accounts for 9% of the question paper. 

Every year, approximately 10-15 indirect questions which require inter linking knowledge to Oral Pathology and Medicine appear in NEET MDS and INI-CET exams.  So it is one of those subjects which cannot be ignored and needs a good preparation. 

Itís difficult to identify important topics and study from Standard Books within a short period of 1 year preparation for NEET MDS, so we have compiled BYTES from standard textbooks to make it convenient for students to study 19 subjects within a period of one year.

Shafer's Textbook of Oral Pathology
Author: B Sivapathasundharam

Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Author : Brad W. Neville DDS, Douglas D. Damm DDS, Carl M. Allen DDS MSD, Jerry Bouquot DDS MSD

Burket's Oral Medicine
Author : Michael Glick


MERITERS BYTES and GEMS contains notes of all important topics needed from entrance exam point of view.

You might not find all the topics of Oral Pathology and Medicine in BYTES, but you can be sure that all the topics important from entrance exam point of view has been covered by MERITERS Experts either in the form of BYTES, QBank or Videos. 


Further, to make it easier for our students, we have broken down the important topics into Tasks and a Guided Preparation Feature is provided in the MERITERS MDSPrep App for all Pro Members, to guide you throughout your preparation period.

  • Development disturbances of Teeth, Jaw and Tongue
  • Development disturbances of Oral mucosa, Lips & palate and other oral structures
  • Precancerous conditions and lesions & TNM staging
  • Benign tumors of oral cavity
  • Malignant tumors of oral cavity
  • Non odontogenic and Odontogenic Cysts
  • Odontogenic Tumors
  • Disease of salivary glands
  • Dental Caries
  • Pulp and periapical infection
  • Physical and Chemical injuries
  • Disease of bone and Joints
  • Diseases of Nerves and muscles
  • Skin and Vesiculobullous lesions Part 1 
  • Skin and Vesiculobullous lesions Part 2
  • Bacterial infection
  • Viral Infections
  • Mycotic infections
  • Oral aspects of metabolic diseases
  • Tongue disorders
  • Oral Pigmentation
  • Disease of blood
  • Oral Pathology-Syndromes
  • Oral Pathology Image & Case Based
  • Oral Pathology Full Syllabus Test
Question Pattern:

There will be Image Based Questions directly from Neville, Shafers or Burketís. We have incorporated important Images in MERITERS BYTES and QBank.
The Case Based Questions have been incorporated in the QBank.

Tips to ace Oral Pathology and Medicine in NEET MDS & INI-CET:

To ace your exams, we recommend you to follow the sequence of: 

  1. Read the theory related to the topic.
  2. Complete the Tasks on Time.
  3. Attempt the QBank.
  4. Take the Mock Test, Cumulative Test, Grand Test as and when scheduled.

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Updated Jun 09, 2022.