Prosthodontics: Strategy for NEET MDS/INI-CET

Prosthodontics is indeed a highly important subject from NEET MDS and INI-CET MDS perspective and therefore requires a well planned strategy given the huge syllabus and so little time for preparation. To help you with the same, MERITERS has planned a strategy to guide you for your preparation for Prosthodontics for exams like NEET MDS & INI-CET.

This article will cast light on:
  • Past year question trend for NEET MDS
  • Standard Textbooks for Prosthodontics for NEET MDS and INI-CET MDS
  • Important topics of Prosthodontics for NEET MDS and INI-CET MDS
  • How to utilise MERITERS MDSPrep App to ace Prosthodontics preparation for NEET MDS and INI-CET MDS
Past year question trend for NEET MDS:

Every year, approximately 4% direct questions that is 15-18 out of 240 questions appear in NEET MDS when we combine all 3 branches of Prosthodontics, that is Complete Denture (CD) , Removable Partial Denture (RPD) & Fixed Partial Denture (FPD).  So it is one of those subjects which cannot be ignored and needs a good preparation. 

Standard Textbooks for reference:

McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics

Author : Alan B. Carr

INR 1,550  INR 1,085

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Stewart's Clinical Removable Partial Prosthodontics

Author : Rodney D. Phoenix (Author)

INR 3,250  INR 2,500

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Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics

Author : Stephen F. Rosenstiel

INR 9,799  INR 7,990

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INR 9,089  INR 4,674

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Textbook of Prosthodontics

Author : V Rangarajan

INR 1,470  INR 1,160

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Prosthodontics TASKS:

To make it easier for our students, we have broken down the The Most Important Topics of Prosthodontics for NEET MDS and INI-CET MDS under TASK in Guided Prep Section provided in the MERITERS MDSPrep App for all Pro Members, to guide you throughout your preparation period.

Complete Denture (CD)-TASKS:
  • Impression Techniques
  • Border Moulding and Posterior Palatal Seal
  • Maxillary and Mandibular Landmarks
  • Vertical and Horizontal Jaw Relation
  • Orientation Jaw Relation and Facebow
  • Primary and Final Impressions
  • Types of Articulators
  • Teeth Setting
  • Special Techniques in Complete Denture
  • Image Based
  • Full Syllabus Test
Removable Partial Denture (RPD)-TASKS:
  • Introduction, Kennedy Classification and Applegate Rule
  • Direct and Indirect Retainers
  • Major Connectors
  • Minor Connectors
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Rests
  • Parts of Surveyor and Survey
  • Design in RPD
  • Image Based
  • Full Syllabus Test
Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)-TASKS:
  • Principles of Tooth Preparation
  • Finish Lines and Margins
  • Pontics
  • Porcelain Jacket Crown
  • Types of FPD
  • Laminates, Tissue dilation and Cements
  • Occlusion in FPD
  • Partial Veneer Crown
  • Metal Ceramics
  • Image Based Test
  • Full SyllabusTest

There will be Image Based Questions directly from Standard Textbooks. We have incorporated important Images in MERITERS BYTES and QBank. The Case Based Questions have been incorporated in the Daily Tests.

How to utilise MERITERS MDSPrep App to ace Prosthodontics?

Itís difficult to identify important topics and study from Standard Books within a short period of 1 year preparation for NEET MDS, so we have compiled BYTES from standard textbooks to make it convenient for students to study 19 subjects within a period of one year.

Complete Denture-BYTES:

Removable Partial Denture-BYTES:

Fixed Partial Denture(FPD) BYTES:

A minimum of 3 readings are necessary to ace your preparation. Dedicatedly following the strategy mentioned in this article will help you in answering the majority of questions from Prosthodontics in your dental entrance exams. Good Luck!

Stay Tuned and Keep Following MERITERS for regular updates!

Updated Jul 21, 2021.