Oral Radiology Strategy: NEET MDS/INI-CET MDS

Oral Radiology is a highly significant subject in the NEET MDS exam as it carries a lot of weightage.  
Considering the challenge students face due to the extensive syllabus, we have compiled this preparation strategy article to assist students in their preparation for Oral Radiology.

Past Year Question Trend for NEET MDS:

Expected number of questions in NEET-MDS from Oral Radiology is 7-11 Questions out of 240, which is approximately 3%.

2016: 11 Questions 
2017: 9 Questions 
2018: 8 Questions 
2019: 9 Questions 
2020: 7 Questions 
2021: 8 Questions 

Most of the questions in the exam are framed from very basic topics like:

  • Basic Radiation Physics
  • Intraoral radiography and Projection geometry
  • Radiographic Diagnosis
  • Biological effects of Radiation
  • Radiation safety and protection
  • X ray film processing
Recommended Standard Textbook:

It is very important to be very familiar with the images present in White and Pharoah as a lot of Image Based radiographs are framed from this book.

White and Pharoah's Oral Radiology: Principles and Interpretation?
Author : Sanjay Mallya, Ernest Lam

In order to save time and for the ease of students, we have compiled Bytes referring to standard textbooks like White and Pharoah and a few other standard textbooks, which includes all important points and images pertaining to probable questions that can be asked in the competitive exams.

Tasks for MERITERS Pro Members:
  • Basic Radiation Physics
  • Biological effects of Radiation
  • Radiation safety and protection
  • Extraoral radiography Part - 1
  • Extraoral radiography Part - 2
  • Types of films and artifacts
  • X ray film processing and Artifacts
  • Intraoral radiography and Projection geometry
  • Radiographic Diagnosis
  • Oral Radiology Image & Case Based
  • Oral Radiology Full Syllabus Test

Best approach to prepare for the subject Oral Radiology using MERITERS app is by:

  • Prioritizing the topics mentioned in the Tasks. 
  • Going through the Videos and Synopsis under BYTES section on the MERITERS MDS Prep App in the Oral Radiology section under the Category Subject.  
  • Retaining the high yield points mentioned in the GEMS under the BYTES section in the MERITERS MDS Prep App. 
  • Solving MCQs based on those topics under QBank and Test Series.
  • Applying the approach mentioned in this article will help you solve the majority of the questions meticulously from Oral Radiology in NEET MDS and INI CET!

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We are hopeful that this article will surely help you prepare for Oral Radiology more effectively for NEET MDS.

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Updated Jul 21, 2021.