NEET MDS - How to prepare for Biochemistry?

Due to time constraints, preparing for Biochemistry subject can be demanding and burdensome as it needs lots of memorization and in-depth understanding of concepts. Biochemistry, being a subject related to chemical and physicochemical processes, can be easily correlated with physiology and medicine as well. 

We have compiled a list of Questions in this article, which MERITERS experts will answer and are very essential for an effective and efficient preparation:

  1. What is the subject wise Weightage?
  2. Which Books to refer?
  3. How much Time should be allocated to the subject?
  4. How much Time should be allocated to each Topic?
  5. How many times should the subject be Revised?
  6. What is the Ideal time to Start the subject?
  7. What are the Important Topics for NEET MDS?
  8. Types of Questions asked?



Standard books to refer?


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How much Time should be allocated for the Subject?

  • Theory reading 4 Days
  • MCQ Practice- 20 Days

How much Time should be allocated to each Topic?

  • Theory reading 3 - 4 Hours
  • MCQ Practice - 8 - 10 Hours

How many Times should the subject be Revised?

  • 4-8 times revision is required

What is the Ideal time to Start the subject?

  • 1st quarter of the preparation 
  • After completing 2-3 subjects


Biochemistry Important Topics

Protein metabolism
  • Amino Acids 
  • Urea Cycle 
  • Hemoglobin bile pigment and porphyrin
  • Structure of Protein
Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Glycolysis, Shuttle system and PDH complex
  • Citric Acid Cycle
  • Glycogen Metabolism and Storage disease
  • Classification of Carbohydrate
Lipid metabolism
  • Classification of lipids 
  • Lipoproteins and Lipid transport 
  • Beta oxidation and ketogenesis
  • Vitamins
  • Enzyme Kinetics
Nucleo Proteins & Mineral metabolism
  • DNA structure, synthesis 
  • Transcription and Translation 
  • Immunoglobins and mutation
General Biochemistry
  • Water ph Buffers and Bioenegetics
  • Xenobiotics 
  • Free radicals 

What Type of Questions were asked in NEET?

1. Single best answer

  • Case Based
  • Fact Based (Memory)
  • Concept based
  • Numerical/Value Based

2. Image based questions

3. True or false type questions


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Updated Feb 07, 2021.