Preparation Strategy to crack NEET MDS in 6 months

Preparation Strategy to crack NEET MDS in 6 months

NEET MDS is just a few months away. A majority of the candidates often get apprehensive seeing the vast syllabus.

We have devised this article to share effective tips to aid our students to complete the NEET MDS syllabus in less than 6 months.

Owing to the scarcity of time for the NEET MDS exam, it’s the time for sound ‘SMART WORK’.

1. Start your preparation Now

If you're serious about scoring a good rank then a dedicated 4-5 hours of study time is good enough for preparation during the last 6 months of your exam.

2. Prioritise TASKS 

TASKS under Guided Prep Section in MERITERS App have been planned & designed by a team of Experts, based on high yield topics which have been asked repeatedly in exams in the past few years. Focussing on TASKS will help you ace your subjects with minimal effort.

In order to save time and for the ease of students, we have compiled Bytes referring standard textbooks which includes all important points and images pertaining to probable questions that can be asked in the competitive exams.Focus on BYTES aand keep Standard Textbooks handy only for referral. 

4. Smart Work Instead of Hard Work

Your major focus at this instant should be to prepare all the important topics at priority.
Go through the Subject Wise Preparation Strategy Blogs before you start any subject. This will help you decide what you need to focus on to complete your syllabus in this short span of time. 

5. Consistency in Preparation & Follow-up

It is very essential to maintain consistency in preparation. Remain goal-oriented throughout the preparation and complete "Tasks" on time.

6. Attempt Online Tests

Taking "Mock tests" will help you to judge your preparation level at each stage during the preparation. 

To help you ace your preparation, MERITERS has designed QBank based on NEET MDS & INI-CET question pattern and trend. Check your performance after each mock test and work on your weaknesses.

7. Adequate Revision

Revision is the most important part of the preparation for NEET MDS Entrance Exam. Commence your revision at least 3 months prior to the exam. All that you have studied is volatile, to retain it three revisions is a must!

With perseverance and determination, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal to get through NEET MDS in First Attempt. All the very best!

Stay Tuned and follow MERITERS for latest updates on NEET MDS and INI CET MDS!

Updated Jul 09, 2021.